Photos From the 2008 FMBA Awards Banquet

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The Story

A school bus driver lost consciousness while transporting a bus of students to the Emily C. Reynolds Middle School. Before the bus drifted into oncoming traffic, three boys took control and maneuvered it to a stop. Sean Schreiber, 13, jumped on the brake with his foot while his 12-year-old brother, Chris, safely steered the bus to the side of the road with help from fellow student Jason Conti, 12. Thanks to the bravery of these boys and their initiative, no one was injured in the incident.

The three boys were nominated for the Civilian Valor Award by FMBA Locals 84 and 284 and were chosen to be the state recipients of this prestigious award. On April 26 at the Pines Manor in Edison the 3 young heroes were presented with the award from State FMBA President Bill Lavin. Also there to present the boys with a special proclamation was Assembly woman Linda Greenstein. Upon receiving their award the boys received a standing ovation from the almost 1,000 fire fighters, dignitaries and guests at the event.

Congratulations Gentlemen
You Have Made Us Proud